iPad Competitions

Welcome to Win an iPad World. We aim to provide you with links to the best iPad competitions available wherever you are in the world.

How to Win an iPad

There are plenty of competitions out there at the moment and all you normally need to do is simply just enter a few detail to get a chance to win, often though, the comps are restricted to certain countries which is why we have put together special pages for each territory. What follows are links to pages within this site specialising in win an iPad 3 competitions for the country mentioned.


If your country isn't listed below you can use this page to claim your competition entry - Win an iPad Worldwide.


If you are in the USA you can go to the following page for your competitions - Win an iPad USA.


If you live in the United Kingdom and you want to win an iPad click the following link - Win an iPad UK.


If you live in the Australia and you want to enter iPad competitions click the following words - Win an iPad Australia.


If you live in Canada and you want to win an iPad click the following link - Win an iPad Canada.

New Zealand

Want to win an iPad in NZ? Head to the page specially for it - Win an iPad NZ.

The New iPad 3

With the announcement of the new iPad 3rd generation you will soon get the chance to win an iPad 3. You will be able to prepare for the launch of the new tablet by joining the free gift site which we link to on this site, that will allow you to receive the brand new iPad 3rd gen as quickly as possible. Check out one of the links above for more information on this fantastic offer.